If you’re doing the regular check-up and maintenance on your AC unit, then you understand the importance of looking at the system components. These components are what makes the whole system works, and even one of them malfunctions, the entire system is doomed. Most of us forget about the components outside the air handler enclosure or system cabinet. Hidden components like condenser oils and evaporator coils are very important to check on. When the evaporator coils are too dirty, it can affect the efficiency of the unit. To avoid breakdowns, call evaporator coil services Fort Smith for assistance of do the following yourself.

Evaporator Coil Services Fort Smith

The first thing to do is look for the access panel. This can be removed so you can access the evaporator coil. You can also check the unit’s manual to locate the evaporator coil. Turn off the unit, remove or loosen the access panel and secure the screws aside.

Cleaning Using Compressed Air

If the evaporator oil is not too dirty, the dirt and dust can be removed using a compressed air blow. Position the compressed air opposite the direction of normal air flow, and them face on the coil. If the dirt is stubborn, place the air nozzle close to the debris. If you plan on using the high pressure air, hold it a 90-degree angle so the fins won’t be damaged. Make sure that the air flow is consistent across the coil. A consistent air flow will dislodge the dust buildup so it’s not difficult for you to remove it. Avoid blowing dirt, dust and debris into the duct system.

Cleaning Using a Brush

Cleaning the evaporator with a brush is going to be effective when you remove minor dirt accumulation. Using a brush will avoid you from using chemicals or liquids. You can also control the pressure you apply to the fins and coils. First, sweet the accumulated dirt using the brush. Next, scrub if there is any stubborn dirt or dust. Do not use brushes that have hard bristles because it many damage the fins.

Cleaning with Commercial Cleaners

Another option for you to clean the evaporator coils is to use commercial cleaners. There are those with foam formulation that breaks down the dirt and drains them on the drainage system of the unit. But before you do this, make sure to consult with a HVAC contractor first. If you use it, follow the instructions that come with the product. Spray the coils with the cleaner. Allow the cleaner to foam and wait until the debris is drained away. Reapply the cleaner if needed.

Cleaning with Mild Detergents and Water

If you don’t want to use chemical cleaners, you can opt for warm water and mild detergent mixed together. First, create a mixture of the two mentioned solutions and put in a spray bottle. Spray the evaporator coils with the mixture. Let the mixture to soak in and loosen the dirt and debris. Reapply if necessary. Lastly, wipe the loose materials with a brush or a soft cloth.